Academic Papers

Cassandra Heyne's Academic Papers
University of Colorado 
Masters of Science, Interdisciplinary Telecommunications Program

Below you will find a list of papers that I have written in my telecommunications graduate program at University of Colorado. 

Smart Grid Synergies for Rural Electric and Telecom Cooperatives
Class: Energy Communications Networks

Unreasonably Comparable Broadband Service: An Analysis of Leading International Broadband Plans and Accomplishments
Class: International Telecommunications Policy & Best Practices  

Wireless Smart Meters: The Future of Energy Control?
Class: Wireless Communications

Spectrum Exchange Markets: Increasing Wireless Innovation and Expanding Telecom Services in Rural and Underserved Areas
Class: Telecom Seminar

Rural Spectrum Access & Policy Issues
Class: Spectrum Management

IPTV: The Digital Solution for Rural Providers
Class: Video Technology

The Sprint-Nextel Merger: Good Intentions, Poor Results
Class: Network Economics & Finance II

A Business Plan for Company Expansion Through the Digital Cable Transition
Class: Telecom Business Strategies
Note: The "company" in this paper is Walnut Telecommunications. This was a really fun project.

Increasing Participation of Rural Telecom Providers in the 700MHz Spectrum Auction: How the FCC Can Help
Class: Telecom Law & Regulation