Wednesday, September 28, 2011

An Important Announcement about Rural TeleCommentary

Every year I attend the Berkshire Hathaway Annual Meeting in Omaha, in part for the shopping and in part for the unrivaled wisdom given by Warren Buffett and Charlie Munger. One of the lessons from the 2011 meeting that really hit home with me was, The secret to success in a field is learning all you can about it.” I don’t remember if Charlie or Warren said this, but year-after-year formal education and continual personal growth through learning are always emphasized by both distinguished gentlemen of wealth and success. I have always placed the highest possible value on education, and as my graduate coursework came to an end I still wanted to find ways to develop expertise in specific areas of the telecommunications industry. In a way, my telecommunications graduate program was only the beginning of my journey to becoming an expert in telecommunications policy, economics, business and engineering. The University of Colorado ITP program helped me figure out which areas of the industry that I desired to learn more about.  

Launching Rural TeleCommentary was my secret to learning all I could about the rural telecommunications industry, with the anticipation that this website would help me achieve success. At the beginning of the year, my definition of success was definitely finding a job where I could do what I love, which is analyzing, learning and writing about the rural telecommunications industry. I’m delighted to report that my efforts paid off and I have achieved this particular goal.

Unfortunately, success often requires personal sacrifice. In order to focus all my attention on my new job, I will no longer be posting regularly on Rural TeleCommentary.   

Now for the good news—you needn’t travel far to continue reading my perspectives about the rural telecommunications industry. As a full time analyst for JSI Capital Advisors, I will be writing about regulatory issues and a wide range of other topics that are both similar to what I have covered on Rural TeleCommentary and completely new to me. I am honored to join a wonderful team of telecom experts at JSI Capital Advisors, and I believe that this is probably the best possible job opportunity that I could have ever asked for! I also except to become even more involved with the rural telecommunications providers that I love so dearly. 

My regular readers probably are aware that I have been writing part-time for JSI Capital Advisors for a few months, primarily about USF Reform. I hope that you will follow me to a different URL and continue enjoying and learning from my articles as well as those written by my colleagues, who offer a wealth of information and analysis on telecom financial activity, mergers and deals, the wireless industry, cutting-edge technology, and many other exciting topics. We are all experts in different aspects of the telecommunications industry and together I think we make a very strong team. 

JSI Capital Advisors publishes 3 blogs- The ILEC Advisor (where my articles are featured), The Deal Advisor and Phone Numbers; as well as The Daily Monitor which includes news and press releases from across the industry in addition to our original content (you can subscribe to Daily Monitor e-mails for free!).  We also have a couple of interesting forums on LinkedIn- The USF Forum and The Deal Advisor; and JSI Capital Advisors is on Twitter @JSI_Capital

I plan to leave the content on Rural TeleCommentary for the near future to serve as a resource for anyone interested in learning about the rural telecom industry. I will continue to update USF Reform Headquarters with links to interesting articles about this important proceeding. I may, from time-to-time, post an update here if something extraordinary happens in my life pertaining to the rural telecom industry, and when I finally start working on my master’s thesis (I know, I should be working on it now, but I’ve hit some roadblocks at the moment…)—I’ve had a number of readers generously offer assistance with that project and inquire about how it is progressing. To answer that question, right now I am 1) waiting for the USF reform final rules, and 2) still looking for an advisor at my school.  

I still encourage readers to contact me with questions or interesting rural telecom industry news—I will always be looking for things to write about! 

I sincerely want to thank everyone who has ever read this website and encouraged me in any way this past year and since the beginning, even before Rural TeleCommentary was launched. I never ever anticipated that I would get almost 13,000 readers in just 10 months. There are so many amazing people in the rural telecom industry and I hope everyone stays optimistic even in these difficult times. This is a group of people that I am very proud to be a part of, and I am looking forward to the wonderful opportunities that lie ahead at JSI Capital Advisors. 

Cassandra Heyne
P.S. You can still follow me on Twitter @RuralTelComment if you miss me!

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