Friday, March 11, 2011

Rural TeleCommentary Goes Public with Exciting Results!

When I sent out e-mails to the rural telecommunications industry yesterday announcing Rural TeleCommentary, I had no idea that within 24 hours a major telecom news website would be writing about my blog and my post about the National Broadband Map in particular!!! Needless to say, I nearly screamed with delight when I was scrolling through Facebook on my Blackberry earlier and came across a headline from Connected Planet that sounded vaguely familiar:

Newly Minted Law School Grad Questions Accuracy of National Broadband Map, by Joan Engebretson

When I saw my name in the article, I think I really did scream with excitement! Engebretson is an independent telecom writer on Connected Planet who I respect greatly. I follow her articles and blog posts on Connected Planet and I always look forward to what she has to say about the rural telecom industry.  She also writes about how FCC decisions and other events impact the rural telecom industry specifically, and we all know that the rural voice is often not heard at all on major news outlets--making her voice quite valuable to me and many others. I am extremely grateful and excited about being featured on one of the best and most reliable news sources for the telecommunications industry! I feel very honored and I hope that this publicity will help attract even more readers to Rural TeleCommentary!

Thank you to everyone else who has e-mailed me and visited Rural TeleCommentary since yesterday! I am really excited about having a larger audience and it will definitely motivate me to keep writing about important issues in the rural telecommunications industry! I will be attended the NTCA Legislative Conference next week, which I am really looking forward to. I have not attended this conference in 7 or 8 years (OK, now I feel old), and I am excited about going back with the additional knowledge and insight I have gained about the telecom industry in the last few years. It is sure to be a valuable experience that will hopefully make an impact on some of the upcoming and troubling government decisions in the industry.

Welcome to all my new readers, and thank you for the great feedback!
Cassandra Heyne

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